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Birth of the Ice Perc

Taylor Bowmaster was chilling with some buds in California and checking out a water pipe. This piece had an ice catch, and they’d put regular ice cubes into it whenever they were using it. The topic of percs came up, and Taylor’s friend mentioned that he wanted to buy a new piece, one with a perc, but he’d already spent a good chunk of dough on his current setup. That’s all it took; Taylor looked at the light bulb that had sprouted above his head, and knew what had to be done.

Why drop hundreds on a new piece when you could spend less than $20 to turn ANY water pipe into a percolator? After a little research and a few e-mails, Smoke Cubes was born.

From a Dream to a Hit

The revolver chamber design came naturally. It’s already being used as the standard perc in pieces, so it has the instant recognition factor that will let people know exactly what it does. After doing some testing to determine industry standard on mouthpiece and chamber size, they got to work on the prototype and it was an instant hit.

Always Looking Forward

So what does the future hold for Smoke Cubes? No one knows yet, but we’ve got some ideas. While there will obviously be different colors and sizes, we’re also toying with the idea of a Smoke Cubes Glass line! Stay on top of our social media and website so you don’t miss any important announcements!

And remember… keep it cool!

For more information you can easily get in contact with us at or at this form.

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