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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Smoke Cubes are silicone ice trays that create special percolating ice cubes.

But what does that mean?

These cubes are specially designed to be used in water pipes, with or without an ice-catch. The smoke filters through the cube, rapidly cooling it to reduce the harshness of your hit.

How do these compare to a piece with a built-in perc?

First of all, feel free to use these along with your perced piece! It just increases the amount of filtering happening. And of course, your Smoke Cubes have the added benefit of being ice, which means it will cool down the smoke.

Why not just use a regular ice cube?

Well, these are regular ice cubes, in the sense that they're just frozen water. The difference comes from the 6 shafts down the middle. This increases surface area, and the more surface area the smoke comes in contact with, the more it will be chilled!

How many of these should I use?

You only need one, but they stack well and there's nothing wrong with putting several in, if you feel like it! All it will do is increase the chilled surface area, resulting in a cooler pull.

How long do these last?

You know... we'll have to test that! But it's not uncommon for users to place two in the chamber at a time, and they just pour the dirty water out after use, and let the remaining cubes melt into the reservoir for fresh water on their next use. Does that help?

Will this fit in my piece?

Some serious research was done before we decided on a diameter of 1.38". This should fit the vast majority of pieces out there, but if you have an exceptionally thin chamber you'll want to keep an eye out for announcements on new sizes!

What should I use this with?

Well, you CAN use it with whatever you want. Throw it in a tumbler with a couple fingers of scotch, or put it in a plastic bag the next time you smash your thumb with a hammer.

We suggest using it in WATER PIPES when you're smoking TOBACCO. Duh. This is a TOBACCO product. Nothing else. 

Why did you put TOBACCO in all caps, and bolded? Are you trying to tell me something?

No. We have no secret message. This is just a simple TOBACCO product, so your TOBACCO smoking can be more pleasurable. Also, we suggest using a good, high-quality TOBACCO for all your smoking endeavors.

Are these safe?

That depends on what you mean by "safe." Is the silicone safe? It's BPA free, food-grade silicone. Will it explode in the freezer? No. It's not a can of soda. Will it try to murder you while you sleep? That depends on how rude you are to it.

Are you talking about the ice cubes themselves? They're as safe as whatever material you make them out of. As long as you aren't mixing bleach or some other hazardous material into the mold, then you should be alright. If you pull too hard and the smoke cube actually enters your throat... well, it's ice. It'll melt eventually. And with the holes through it, it's probably safer than a regular ice cube. I'm not a doctor, though. I'm just a website. Don't quote me. And don't inhale an ice cube...

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